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War Between the States Theatre commemorates the service and sacrifice of those in the war which occurred between 1861 and 1865, in which Hillsborough County was involved as a political subdivision of the State of Florida, which in turn was a component state of the Confederate States of America, and recognized as such as a belligerent during that period.
Therefore, the name "War Between the States" theatre was adopted from the numerous names possible.
The Hillsborough County Veterans Park commemorates
Hillsborough County Veterans.
From the time of the Florida Secession Convention, all Hillsborough County citizens of this period were officially and legally citizens of the State of Florida and, when it joined with others to form the CSA, citizens of the Confederate States of America.
Note that by mandate of Congress, the
Dept of Defense, and the VA, all CSA Veterans who served honorably are to receive the same recognition,status, and honors as USA Veterans.